Feel the tradition and
the hospitable spirit of Bansko!

Familia Tavern-Bansko (traditional restaurant)

Familia Tavern is built and arranged in the old Bansko style. The restaurant has 240 seats (80 in the summer garden and 160 in the tavern). It has an area of 600 sq.m, a good location, and offers cuisine and quality service. It has become one of the most visited restaurants in Bansko. In winter, warmth and tranquility can be found in the cozy tavern, transporting you to the old Bansko times and traditions.

In the summer, it offers a spacious and cool garden where natural beauty and greenery are integral parts of the unique atmosphere. Enjoy delicious and traditional dishes prepared in front of you in the oven and barbecue, featuring rich European and vegetarian cuisine, along with a wide variety of quality wines, brandy, and branded beverages. With its good architecture and interior, the tavern is suitable for banquets, wedding receptions, and various other events.

Various show programs are organized on festive days, contributing further to the good atmosphere and mood.


Dumanov's Family

We are descendants of the first hoteliers in Bansko. After many efforts, in 2008, we opened the hotel and since then we have lovingly taken care of the comfort and home coziness of our guests. We are happy that with many of you we are already good friends, and with others we have become close as relatives. Come to us, feel the magic of Pirin mountain and our traditional hospitality.

Georgi Dumanov

Отзиви и благодарности

Excellent location

Bansko 2770
15 “Nayden Gerov” St

phone: +359 884 004080
email: mehana@dumanov.com